Be a part of the city's premier motoring fraternity...

  • Go on drive tours in car convoys
  • Be a part of high-octane motoring events like drag races, car gymkhanas and car treasure hunts
  • Adapt the techniques of better driving at training meets
  • Interact with fellow WHEELERS and enjoy the camaraderie at fellowship parties

Be a part of Kolkata on WHEELS

Life Membership Fee - INR 14999.00


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Lifetime subscription of 'Kolkata on WHEELS' magazine with access to a wealth of knowledge on Kolkata along with surveyed route maps and information on featured driving locations and hordes of other vital tips for motorists

Earn the nomenclature of 'WHEELER' and be a member of the WHEELERS fraternity

Flaunt personalised merchandises of WHEELER T-shirt, WHEELER Cap, WHEELER Identity Card, WHEELER Certificate and WHEELER Car stickers

Explore fascinating destinations with your family in WHEELS Drive Tours and cruise along highways in regulated car convoys led by pilot vehicles and service crews of Team WHEELS

Enjoy a host of Motoring Events including Car Treasure Hunts, Drag Races and Car Gymkhanas to show off your supreme driving skill

Interact with fellow Wheelers and enjoy the camaraderie in Fellowship Meets over cocktail and dinner parties.

Participate in the Training Meets and Seminars organised for the WHEELERS

Gift subscriptions of 'Kolkata on WHEELS' magazine to relatives and friends

Be a part of WHEELS Social Service Projects

Enjoy benefits of the various corporate offers extended to WHEELERS

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