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Cars & Hunting

One of the most memorable movies of all time was ‘Hatari’, a film on how animals were caught or handled in Africa in the past with vehicles like jeeps and mini trucks. Sadly, no such movie was made on India, which ha

Car Trivia Do You Know

Car Humour in Print

Ever since the first association of automobiles in the country was set up in Calcutta in 1904 to popularize motor cars and motor sports, motorists found themselves at the receiving end of wit and humour in print. Newspa

Car Trivia Do You Know

Kolkata’s Tyrst with Motor Racing

The first automobile association in India which started in Calcutta in 1904, had multiple objectives including popularising the use of motor cars, exploration and motorsports. Racing before the Second World War (1939-45)

Car Trivia Do You Know

Growing Popularity of Cars

By the turn of 20th century a few cars had been imported to India but it was the tour of Prince (later King George V) and Princess of Wales in 1905-06 that popularised cars among the rich, leading to a significant increa

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City’s First Bus Service

The winter of 1905-06 saw a revolution on Indian roads; Calcutta witnessed the introduction of the first bus service in the world outside Western Europe and USA, a development that led to public acceptance of motorised t

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When did the first car arrive in India or for that matter come to Calcutta? There are varying accounts but if newspaper reports and similar sources are to be believed, the first car on Indian roads was possibly a (French

Car Trivia Do You Know

Motoring in the 1900s A car-lover’s tale

Pradeep Gooptu This is about a man who resigned from a secure and plush job and invested all his life savings (no less than Rs 5,500 in 1906!) to set up a garage for cars - his first love and became the friend, philo

Car Trivia Do You Know

India’s First Motor Garage

The saga of motor cars in India started more than a century ago. As a tribute to this age-old legacy, we present a series on the cradle days of motoring. We begin with the very first car service station and garage that h

Car Trivia Do You Know

Driving across continents

In the early 19th century, bitten by the adventure bug, quite a few British men and women tried achieving the impossible- climbing Mount Everest and perishing in the attempt or driving across continents, from UK to India

Car Trivia Do You Know

The first Car Club

In November 1904, the Maidan was witness to a unique sight- an assembly of ten cars and four motorcycles leading to the formation of the first association of car owners in India, if not in Asia. The members organi

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