EVENT DATE : 21- 22 April (Sat – Sun) 2018


With an aim to promote motoring in Eastern India, 'Kolkata on WHEELS', the city-centric motoring magazine for the car owners of Kolkata has been organising monthly drive tours for its members. Enjoyable driving destinations are being explored through these drive tours with an aim to promote the pleasure of driving and practically inculcate the driving safety norms among the motorists of Eastern India. 'Team WHEELS'- the veterans of 'Kolkata on WHEELS', leads the motoring convoys in these road trips with their 'Pilot Vehicle' showing the way, 'Marshal Vehicle' guiding the route directions and the 'Service Crew' taking care of the technical snags during the drive.


Destination:  Garpanchkot, Purulia, West Bengal
Event Date : 21 – 22 April (Sat - Sun) 2018
Open to : : For Wheelers & guests
Contact : 9830370371, 9051331138, 033-24559200
Email: info@kolkataonwheels.com


21-22 April 2018

DAY 1 – 21 April (Saturday) 2018 7.00 am – Reporting
7.15 am – Briefing to participants
7.30 am – Drive begins
9.30 am – Halt for breakfast
1.30 pm – Reach Garpanchkot, Purulia
5.00 pm – Sightseeing (optional)
7.30 pm – Fellowship
9.30 pm – Dinner
DAY 2 – 22 April (Sunday) 2018 8.00 am – Breakfast
9.00 pm – Sightseeing (optional)
11.00 am – Check out hotel
12.00 pm – Lunch
1.00 pm - Return drive begins
4.00 pm – Halt for tea
7.30 pm – Reach Kolkata

Accommodation at Panchet Residency including all meals on twin sharing basis
Rates per Adult:
Village Telkupi Super Dlx (AC): Rs 4300
Banjara Huts (AC): Rs 4000
Agomoni Super Dlx (AC): Rs 4300
Agomoni Deluxe (AC): Rs 4000
Agomoni Premium (AC): Rs 4000
Agomoni Standard I (AC): Rs 3700

Rates per Child:
Below 8 years: Rs 300
9 – 12 years: Rs 1000
13 years and above/ Extra adult: Rs 2000

Extra Mattress – Rs 500 per day

Online Registration
1) Entry to this event is subject to the discretion of the organizer.
2) Car fuel, toll taxes, refreshments inside room and other incidental expenses such as entry tickets etc., if any, have to be borne by the participants.


  • 1. An Entrant to this event has to be a Life Member of 'Kolkata on WHEELS' magazine. The membership must be valid as on the date of the event.
  • 2. Entries to the event are limited and subject to the discretion of the organizer.
  • 3. Participants will have to follow the itinerary/programme. For any deviation from the set itinerary, approval prior to the entry to the event has to be sought from the Organizer or Team Leader of the event, or else, would not be permitted.
  • 4. During the drive, the participants will have to abide by the instructions of Team WHEELS.
  • 5. Consumption of alcohol by all participants is strictly prohibited during the drive and/or 4 hours before the drive. If the Entrant or occupants of a vehicle is found to be intoxicated, s/he or they will be immediately dropped from the event.
  • 6. The Organiser bears no liability for any participant(s) not having the meal within the specified time as given in the 'Programme'.
  • 7. The vehicle must be road worthy for long drive. To ensure the road-worthiness, the Entrant must thoroughly check-up the vehicle from a Service Centre before the event.
  • 8. Organiser’s and sponsors' stickers will be put on the Entrant's vehicle at specified positions which have to be retained throughout the tour. This is to enable the members of Team WHEELS to easily identify the cars of the convoy in the highway traffic.
  • 9. Life WHEELERS have to wear the black WHEELERS T-shirt during the drive. This is to enable the members of Team WHEELS to identify the members.
  • 10. Driver's driving license and all documents required for the vehicle should be valid during the entire event and must be carried in the vehicle during the drive tour.


  • I declare that the driver has more than 5 years of experience in driving and is competent to drive in this event.
  • also declare that the vehicle to be used in the event is suitably road-worthy for the event.
  • Under the Laws of India, any accident out of which a claim may arise should be reported to the nearest Police Station by me.
  • I have read the Terms and Conditions issued for this event and agree to be bound by them. In consideration of the acceptance of the entry to this drive tour, I agree to save harmless and keep indemnified the Government of India and the Government of West Bengal, the Organiser and their officials, Sponsors, Partners, agents, representatives, employees and all persons assisting them in this event and all owners and tenants of properties used in this event from and against all accidents, actions, claims, costs, expenses and demands in respect of death or injury to myself or any other person or persons or loss or damage to any property, if any or otherwise howsoever and not withstanding that the same may have been contributed to or occasioned by the negligence of the Organiser, Sponsors, Partners and their officials, agents, representatives, employees and any or all persons associated with them in this event. This indemnity shall be binding upon me, all occupants of my vehicle, my/their heirs, executors, administrators and legal representatives.


  • 1. The driving experience of the driver who would drive the vehicle must be more than 5 years as on the day of start of the Drive Tour (as per driving license).
  • 2. The driver who has registered for the drive tour cannot change hands during the drive, unless approved by Team WHEELS for any genuine reason.
  • 3. During the drive, all vehicles will move in a convoy according to its number between the 'Pilot Vehicle' in front and the 'Service Vehicle' at the end.
  • 4. Traffic rules, regulations and driving safety norms must be adhered to during the drive.
  • 5. If at any point of time the driver is found to be unfit to drive, s/he may be barred to drive and/or may be replaced by a substitute driver.
  • 6. The cost of repair, replacement of spare parts and vehicle towing, if required for a vehicle during the drive, has to be borne by the Entrant.
  • 7. Physical problems of participants, if any, during the drive, will be attended by the Medical Incharge. However, for cases beyond control, it will be referred to hospitals at cost of the participant.


  • 1. The Organiser bears no liability for:
    a. Any vehicle/participant of the event facing any legal consequence for violation of any law, order, rule and regulation.
    b. Any accident by an Entrant/participant or any third party during the entire event.
  • 2. In case of any dispute, the decision of the Team Leader of the event will be final and binding upon all participants.
  • 3. No refund will be made for any absence or cancellation of entry by an Entrant at any point of time as bookings are done to the hotels and other related parties right at the time of confirmation by the participants.
  • 4. The Organiser reserves the right to reject or cancel an entry to this event at any point of time without assigning any reason thereof.


Motor sport is dangerous. Whoever participates in the event does so at his/her own risk. The Organiser declines liability for any act or omission resulting in any loss, injury or accident caused by or to the participants and/or competing cars and/or person or persons or property of a third party before, during or after the event. The Organiser, Sponsors, Cosponsors, Associates, Partners, Supporters and authorities of Government of India or Government of West Bengal also decline to accept any liability. Participants shall be held entirely responsible for any accident or breach of law in which they may be involved and shall declare to the Organiser all particulars of any incident from which liabilities may arise and shall indemnify the Organiser, Sponsors, Cosponsors, Associates, Partners, Supporters and authorities of Government of India or Government of West Bengal in regard to any liability. Any participant or competing car shall have no claim against the Organiser, Sponsors, Cosponsors, Associates, Partners, Supporters and authorities of Government of India or Government of West Bengal arising out of any action of the Organiser, their representatives, agents or officials during the event.


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