Drive Destinations from Kolkata

201-300 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata

Panchmura terracotta tales

The elegant terracotta horse has been an icon of Bengal’s traditional handicraft industry. But very few people are aware that this terracotta horse - more popularly referred as “Bankura-r ghora”- are handcrafted by

101-200 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata

Naya Pingla Village of Scroll Painters

Have you heard of a village that has survived solely on the folk art of scroll painting instead of farming - the traditional way of life in our villages? For a first hand experience, drive to Naya - a village in Pingla B

101-200 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata

Pathra Temple village unveiled

Traversing through narrow, dusty trails along the mighty Kangsabati River and crossing dilapidated bridges, we were at the very edge of losing patience when a series of temples, as if from nowhere, appeared on the horizo

101-200 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata

Narajole History in oblivion

This is a tale of a royal dynasty in Paschim Medinipur, tucked away in oblivion ever since the abolition of the zaminadari system. Despite being sunk in obscurity, a foray into Narajole was an eye-opener, as the estate w

101-200 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata

KURUMBERA FORT Tucked away in oblivion

Just as the car took the final turn on the dusty trail, a brown stone wall suddenly emerged on the horizon, indicating our journey has come to an end. Each of us felt the sheer joy of discovering a treasure hitherto unkn

Above 300 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata


Team WHEELS has just returned after traversing 2000 km by road in a Renault Duster after exploring Jaldapara National Park, Cooch Behar, Rasik Bil wetlands, Jainti and Buxa Tiger Reserves in North Bengal over an 8-day-lo

101-200 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata

Gangani Grand Canyon of Bengal

Distance from Kolkata: 182 km Driving time: 4 hours approximately Route: Gangani is located in West Midnapore near Garbeta. Though it is yet to acquire popularity as a tourist hangout, it is easily accessible. O

1 - 100 KM Drive Destinations from Kolkata


Kalna or Ambika Kalna – as it is more popularly called - is a historic town in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal. Although its rich bounty of terracotta structures are comparable to those of Bishnupur in sheer gran

1 - 100 KM Drive Destinations from Kolkata


The princely states and the zamindari system may have been abolished long back and the past glory too has faded by this time. Yet, gorgeous palaces still stand tall, silent witnesses to past tales of grandeur. Team Wheel

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