Celebrity Interviews
Celebrity Interviews

Agnimitra Paul

“I would love to show my creativity on cars too” FASHION DESIGNER AGNIMITRA PAUL REVEALS HER PASSION FOR CARS AND HER FUTURE PLANS IN A CONVERSATION WITH JAYEETA GANGULY From being a fashion designer to a jewellery designer to dressing up the stars… you are constantly re-inventing yourself.
• Yes, I like to experiment with every aspect of creativity. Otherwise, you tend to stagnate and I do not want to reach that stage.
From dressing up Sridevi Kapoor to Rituparna Sengupta to Mithun Chakraborty, you have styled some of the biggies in the industry.
• (Smiles). I had designed for Srideviji in 2000 when she was expecting her second child. Later, she asked me to design clothes for Esha Deol for the movie Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche. I had first styled for Rituparna Sengupta in Mahakal. That was well-received, then, I got my full-fledged Bengali movie, Bandhan. I had done the wardrobe for Koel and Jeet. I have also styled Swastika and Shayantani. I owe a lot to late Probirda (the make-up artist) for my success. His referrals worked wonders for my career. You are often credited with bringing about a fashionable change in Tollywood.
• Really? You see, I have always been inspired by Bollywood. I used to think as to why can't our stars, too, be stylish and trendy? And I realised that hardly any budget was allocated for the wardrobe of the stars. So, one could not be a Manish Malhotra in Tollywood. But, all that is changing. Today, Tollywood, too, is experimenting with movies where looking stylish is no longer an alien concept. And producers are allocating funds for that. I am happy to witness this change and be at the right place at the right time.
You are once again the official designer for Mithunda in Shukno Lanka.
• Hmmm. I had first met Dada in 2000, but we started working professionally from 2006. Zee TV asked me to do the styling for him when he donned the mantle of a judge for Golden Voice. Right now, I am working with him in Shukno Lanka and Zindagi Tere Naam (with Ranjita) in Hindi. I had done the wardrobe in Don Muthuswamy as well.
What next?
• I would love to launch a men's wear line. I am also planning to get into designing furnishings. Some day, I would love to show my creativity on cars, venture into the world of perfumes as well. You are interested in cars, is it?
• I think my interest grew after seeing my son Vignesh play with his dinky cars. They are so colourful. I often wonder why can't we have such cars in real life. My dream car is the Beetle. It's so cute and cosy.
How would you 'dress up' a car?
• Experimentation could start right from the shape to the body colour (brighter the better) to the colour of the tyres. Why do they always have to be black? I would love to paint floral designs on a car or maybe each car could have different quotations that would reflect one's personality.
Do you drive?
• Yes, in Asansol (my hometown), but not in Kolkata. Things are so unpredictable here. It is sheer luck if you return home with your car in ship shape.
Which is your favourite and worst ride in the city?
• I love to drive down Red Road. Driving down Free School Street is a nightmare. Any advice for the motorists?
• I would ask them to indulge in responsible and safe driving. I also feel that the authorities should be strict when it comes to issuing license. Today, teenagers are getting licenses by bribing. This has to stop right now.
Party Pointers
• Black and red are the ideal colours for partying
• A simple traditional sari also works wonders
• Ladies should go for accessories like belts, bags and watches to add that extra zing to their party wear
• Men should wear a great perfume
• Women must pay special attention to their lingerie
• Low-waist jeans do not always look cool
• Dresses made from lace or net should boast of good ‘cuts’