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Are you free this weekend and wondering what to do? Are you tired of shopping at sprawling malls, eating out at swanky restaurants and wanting to do something different this weekend? Then we have just the right weekend plan for you.
Along the coast of the Bay of Bengal and shaded with casuarinas, this is a getaway that seems to be more of an illusion than reality. This is destination Mandarmoni. Fresh, pure and almost perfect; glittering virgin beaches not yet drowned in teeming millions; an adolescent sea not yet drenched in showers of smog; that's the USP of the place.
Mandarmoni is truly a space very much your own. Forget those crowded beach holidays where you had to size up yourself between your neighbours on the beach. Here is one of the few places that offers a combination of a pleasurable drive, a small budget and refreshing tranquility. So if a weekend trip is on your mind, then don't think twice before servicing your car, packing your bags and heading to the most desired destination of beach lovers.
Situated in the southern part of West Bengal, Mandarmoni is a beautiful beach in Purba Midnapore district. Almost 180 kms away from Kolkata, this beach is best reached by road.
Jump into your car and hit the road that will lead you to the Vidyasagar Setu. After crossing the bridge, clear the toll tax and cruise down the Kona Expressway. (Refer to the maps) Though the expressway is dotted with numerous industrial plants on both sides, there are also patches of refreshing greenery. The traffic is usually smooth with rare exceptions on certain occasions.
The drive along the National Highway 6 is extremely pleasurable. While you are zooming past the landscape, after some time wafts of aroma from the typical roadside dhabas is sure to tingle your taste buds. There are plenty of breakfast options along the stretch of NH6. Take your pick of lip smacking delicacies like alu paratha, kachori, muli ka paratha, mixed sabzi, chicken reshmi kabab from the Azad Hind Dhaba or the Sher-e-Punjab. Do not forget to quench your thirst with a glass of 'special lassi'.
The greenery along the stretch of the road is a welcome relief for the urbane crowd. You will pass by numerous small stops like Kolaghat, Nanda Kumar, Chandipur and Contai, which will add to the experience of your rural rendezvous. Once you reach Chaulkhola, take left and drive on to the rough roads. Move slowly and be a bit careful while driving on this stretch.
The road will lead you to the beach where a 5 kms long heavenly beach drive awaits you with open arms with the sky and the earth embracing you on either side. Words will fail to do justice in expressing the excitement and exhilaration you would feel while driving down this long stretch of motorable beach. With the wind ruffling your hair as you look towards the sea, you will be immediately transported to a world of fantasies.
Stay in any of the luxurious resorts, which will deliver all the modern amenities that a city bred soul would not want missing amidst the bounty of nature. (Check list of accommodation) Indulge yourself with a delectable choice of seafood at the resort. The fried shrimp cocktails, the grilled pomfret and the steamed hilsa will leave your taste buds craving for more.
Take a romantic walk on the beach with your beloved against the backdrop of the setting sun, bathe in the adolescent sea, try your luck at fishing, or simply sit on the beach and sip on some fresh coconut water. Some of the resorts provide indoor and outdoor games facilities to the guests. You could try your hand at beach volleyball or showcase your skills on the table tennis board.
When the night sets in and this beautiful beach resort plunges into darkness just sit back and enjoy the sound of silence.

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