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World cuisine at its best
Executive Chef Debojyoti Sarkar discovered a weakness for the spices right in his schooldays. Although his family was hesitant in the beginning yet, the dust settled down once they saw him happiest in the kitchen. A diploma from the Institute of Hotel Management in Bhubaneswar and successful stints at several five stars later, Sarkar managed to hold firm ground in the hospitality industry. Soon, his confidence and culinary skills found him a niché clientelé. Prominent among them are the Oberoi Krishna (now known as the Taj Krishna) in Hyderabad, the Taj Coromondel in Chennai, the Ristorante al Tramonto and the Ristorante al Pontile in Maldives and the Grain of Salt in Kolkata. Queen Elizabeth II, Amitabh Bachchan, Salmaan Khan top the long list of celebrities Sarkar has entertained. At present, he is busy cooking up a storm at the Ivory. Joydip Sur talks to the man who has mastered the craft of keeping both the tummy and taste buds in perfect harmony. "The Ivory is a fine dine multi-cuisine restaurant offering an assortment of exotic Oriental, Continental and Indian delicacies. An international menu has been thoughtfully put together for our guests to choose from," said Sarkar. "Shyam Savera, Hawaiian Grilled Citrus Prawn, Chinese Fish in Fragrant Spice, Raan E Awadh (pot roasted lamb), Moorg Angar Bedghi (spicy chicken tandoori kebab), Mediterranean Skewers (vegetable skewers), Grilled Fish with Green Olive Gremolata, Velvet Chicken with Cashew and Smoky Chili and Quron with Ginger and Mixed Vegetables are some of the most sought after items at Ivory," he added. Aaheli incorporated the cooking styles of different districts of Bengal and has been instrumental in bringing back the lost 'zamindari cuisine', 'the cuisine of Thakurbari' to the connoisseurs of Bengali food who want a taste of their gourmet past. They also hold several food promotions round -the-year to bring in variations for their regular clientele. Bengali traditional music is performed live on every Saturday and Sunday.
Shyam Savera Ingredients
• Spinach – 2kg
• Corn flour - 80 gms
• Elaichi javitri powder – ½ tsp
• Paneer - 200gm
• Makhni gravy - 500 gms
• Tomato – ½ kg
• Onion – 1
• Ginger paste – 1 tsp
• Garlic paste – 1 tsp
• Cashew nut – 50gms
• Cinnamon sticks – 1
• Cloves – 3
• Green cardamom – 2
• Red chilly pad- ½ tbsp
• Kasoori methi – 1tsp
• Sugar – 10 gms
• Cream - 50ml
• Butter - 50gms
• Khoya - 20gms
• Salt – to taste
• Pepper – to taste
• Wash and boil spinach and make paste
• Add corn flour and cook till dry
• Make dough adding salt, pepper and elaichi javitri powderv
• Mash paneer and add other seasoning, make small balls out and stuff it with the spinach paste. Deep fry
• Cut into half and place it on makhni gravy and serve
To make the Makhani Gravy
• Boil tomato, green cardamom, cloves, cashew nut and red chillies
• Make a puree and strain it
• Heat oil and add ginger and garlic paste, sauté and the tomato puree to cook
• Add sugar, honey cream, butter and khoya with salt to taste
Hawaiian Grilled Citrus Prawn Ingredients
• Fresh Big Prawns–4
• Small Prawn–6
• Pineapple–50 gm
• Chopped onion–10 gm
• Chopped garlic–2 gm
• Tabasco sauce–½ tsp
• Chopped red and yellow bell pepper – 50 gm
• Chopped olives–2
• Roasted red bell pepper paste–1
• Fresh cream–50 ml
• Lime juice–10 ml
• Mashed potato–50 gm
• Salt–to taste
• Pepper–to taste
• Mashed potato with cream, parsley, salt and pepper
• Keep it aside
• Make the prawn salsa with onion, garlic and chopped prawn – saute
• Cool it and add Tabasco sauce, chop pineapple and seasonings
• Marinate the prawn with salt, pepper and lime juice
• Grill the prawn on hot plate
• Make the sauce with red roasted red bell pepper puree add cream and seasonings
• With the help of piping bag place the potato on the plate, place the prawn salsa on top of mashed potato
• Once the prawn is grilled arrange the prawns over the salsa
• Pour the roasted bell pepper sauce on top
• You can use the prawn heads for decoration
Chinese Fish in Fragrant Spice Ingredients
• Betki – 250 gm
• Sesame oil – 1tsp
• Ginger and garlic paste – 1tsp
• Onion paste – 4tsp
• Fish sauce – 1tsp
• Lime juice – 2tsp
• Sesame seed – pinch
• Sugar – pinch
• Salt – to taste• Pepper to taste
• Green banana leaf
• Oil – to fry
• Make a paste of onion, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, sesame seed, fish sauce, lime juice and seasonings
• Marinate the thin slice of fish with the above paste
• Allow to cool inside the freezer• Wrap the marinated fish with banana leaf
• Heat oil and shallow fry the fish on both sides in slow fire
• It can be served with steamed rice or noodles
Executive Chef Debojyoti Sarkar
Address: Ivory - 22, Camac Street, Kolkata– 16. Block D, 5th Flr
Business Hours:12 noon to 3 pm (Lunch)7 pm to 11.30 (Dinner)
Cuisine:Indian, Oriental and Continental
Buffet available only for lunch
Buffet for two: Weekdays: Rs. 888 (all inclusive)
Weekend/Holidays: Rs.1002 (all inclusive)
A la carte for two: Rs.1200 approx. (all inclusive)