Car Etiquette

There are several rules of etiquette which every car user should be aware of, however, whether they would follow them or not, is absolutely a matter of personal choice. Read on to know more about car etiquette

1 Couples should sit together side by side. The child may go to the back seat. When your friend or family member is driving, it is rude to sit in the rear seat and let him drive unaccompanied, unless you want to make him/her feel like a chauffeur. If someone gets down from the front passenger seat, the passenger from rear should immediately come and seat at front. However, as an exception, a pregnant woman may choose to sit at the back.

When there are more passengers, the most important person sits in the front passenger seat beside the driver. All subordinates or juniors are expected to offer the seat to the senior-most passenger. In fact, anyone older to you sould be seated at the front.

2 When two men and two of their female partners/wives are travelling together, the men are expected to sit in the front while the ladies should sit at the back in a diagonally opposite position for better interaction between the couples.

If there is a guest with a couple in a chauffeur driven car, the husband is expected to sit in front beside the chauffeur and leave the guest to enjoy his wife’s company in the rear. What a rule!

3 Hold back that urge of smoking in another person’s car. Ask for permission only if the owner is smoking.

While getting out of a car, be nice and don’t bang the door.

A gentleman is supposed to hold the door open while he picks up a lady in a chauffeur-driven car. If she starts opening the door herself, just assist her by pulling the door open. If she doesn’t want you to help her with the door, don’t.

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