Drive Destinations from Kolkata

201-300 km

Joychandi Hills

Distance from Kolkata: 265 km Driving Time: 5 hours Road Trip: 2 days Particularly famous as the location where Satyajit Ray shot ‘Hirok Rajar Deshe’, Joychandi Hills in Purulia was the drive destination of Team

1-100 km

Baganbati Chakdighi

Distance from Kolkata: 83 km Driving Time: 2 hours Road Trip: 1 day Baganbati at Chakdighi, a grand property with sprawling premises and a rich heritage, was out of bounds all these years.  It has recently been ope

1-100 km

Rashbari Garden House

Distance from Kolkata: 4.6 km Driving Time: 15 Mins Road Trip: 1 days Winter in Kolkata is a beautiful affair. It is an exciting blend of chilly winds, biting cold, occasional rains and balmy sunbathing – all of w

101-200 km

The Call of the Puppets: Barbaria and Muragachha

It was not a romantic hill station or an exotic resort but Bengal’s rich puppetry history that enticed us to drive 110 km from Kolkata to two nondescript villages called Barbaria and Muragachha nestled deep inside Nadi

101-200 km

Gorbhanga The Soulful Hymns of Baul-Fakiri Land

Distance from Kolkata: 172 km Driving Time: 5 hours Road Trip: 2 days Once a marginalised nondescript village, Gorbhanga in Nadia, has eclipsed its past and blossomed into a hub of artistes whose melodies are redole

101-200 km

7 Stopovers Beyond Kolaghat

With the rapidly improving surface condition of highways, long drives have become a weekend feature among motorists across the city. Kolaghat, lined with renowned dhabas and eateries, is probably the most favoured highwa

101-200 km

Nanoor – The Land of Kantha Stitch

Distance from Kolkata: 158 km Driving Time: 4 hours Road Trip: 1 day Weaving the tales most commonly heard in regular Bengali households, Nanoor, a Community Development Block in Bolpur subdivision of Birbhum, portr

101-200 km

Historic Ruins at Ballal Dhipi

Distance from Kolkata: 124 km Driving Time: 3 hours Road Trip: 1 day Scattered with hidden anecdotes of a majestic past, Ballal Dhipi is an explorer’s treasure. An Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) excavation s

101-200 km

Digha Makeover

Distance from Kolkata: 178 km Driving Time: 4 hours Road Trip: 2-3 days Digha – the name that brings to mind, images of clogged roads, littered beaches, blaring honks, glaring lights, makeshift shacks selling gaud

Above 300 km

Tea Tourism In Bengal – The Glenburn experience

Distance from Kolkata: 660 km Driving Time: 15.5 hours  Road Trip: 6.7 days Tea tourism is India's answer to what is known as wine tourism in Europe. The lush green, rolling tea plantations, the tranquil ambience a

201-300 km

Motijheel: Drive to Paradise

Distance from Kolkata: 203 km Driving time: 5 hours Road Trip: 2 days In a wonderful initiative the State Government has come up with a brand new property in an exotically beautiful location in Murshidabad, giving t

Above 300 km

Buxa: Tiger Reserve

Distance from Kolkata: 835 km Driving time: 20 hours Road Trip: 5-6 days On the last day of our drive tour to north Bengal, it was turn to visit Buxa Tiger Reserve. In north Bengal, beside Gorumara and Jaldapara, Bu

Above 300 km

Jayanti: Queen of Dooars

Distance from Kolkata: 835 km Driving time: 20 hours Road Trip: 5-6 days Dooars lifted its misty veil to reveal its mind blowing virgin beauty to Team WHEELS during its third round of drive tour to North Bengal. Aft

Above 300 km

Rasik Bil

Distance from Kolkata: 821 km Driving time: 20 hours Road Trip: 5-6 days After exploring Cooch Behar town for two days - ‘Team WHEELS’ drove to Rasik Bil in North Bengal. Rasik Bil is 42 km from Cooch Behar town

Above 300 km

Cooch Behar

Distance from Kolkata: 779 km Driving time: 18 hours Road Trip: 5-6 days In a recent route survey, Team WHEELS drove to six tourist destinations from Kolkata including Cooch Behar in North Bengal. In this issue, Tea

201-300 km

Maithon: The Cascading Waters

Distance from Kolkata: 210 km Driving time: 4 hours approx Road Trip – 2-3 days Located some 210 km away from Kolkata, Maithon is one of the most picturesque driving destinations in West Bengal. Its beauty is both

1-100 km

Amadpur: A Sanctum of Bengal’s Rich Heritage

Distance from Kolkata: 96 km Driving Time: 2 hrs Road Trip: 1-2 days The word ‘heritage’ has a deep connotation intercalating history, culture and everything in between. There’s a sense of grandiloquence; a rh

101-200 km

Serenity beckons at Joypur Forest

Distance from Kolkata: 136 km Driving Time: 5 hours  Road Trip: 2 day Team WHEELS forays into another serene getaway in West Bengal – the Joypur Forest in Bankura. Route description: From Vidya Sagar Setu get

1-100 km

Itachuna Rajbari: A taste of royalty

Distance from Kolkata: 84.4 km approx Driving Time: 2 hours  Road Trip: 1 day Khoka ghumolo para jurolo Bargi elo deshe Bulbulite dhan kheyeche Khajna debo kishe? Route: Set your trip meter to ‘0’ at

101-200 km

Bethuadahari & Palashi

Distance from Kolkata: 135 km Driving Time: 3.5 hours Road Trip: 1 day This time Team WHEELS combined a historical tour with a natural trail for an exciting day-long drive to Nadia. The team first visited Bethudahar

1-100 km

Joynagar: The Land of Moa

Distance from Kolkata: 47 km approx Driving Time: 2 hours  Road Trip: 1 day Every winter brings with itself a heightened sense of sugar rush for the people of Bengal. The air is filled with the sweet fragrance of

101-200 km

Shantiniketan: The abode of peace

Distance from Kolkata: 189 km Driving Time: 4 hours approximatly Road Trip: 2-3 days If you have not gone for a drive to Santiniketan, which is just 189 km away from Kolkata, you are really missing the fun of drivin

101-200 km

Mayapur to the land of “Hare Krishna”

Distance: Kolkata to Mayapur 127 kilometres Driving time: 4 hours (approx). Pilgrim towns, often turn out to be unpleasant experiences due to unplanned growth but Mayapur, the birth place of Sri Chaitnya Mahaprabhu i

201-300 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata

Panchmura terracotta tales

Distance from Kolkata: 205 km Driving Time: 5 Hours Road Trip: 2 days The elegant terracotta horse has been an icon of Bengal’s traditional handicraft industry. But very few people are aware that this terracotta h

101-200 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata

Naya Pingla Village of Scroll Painters

Distance from Kolkata: 112 km Driving Time: 3 hours Road Trip: 1 day Have you heard of a village that has survived solely on the folk art of scroll painting instead of farming - the traditional way of life in our vi

101-200 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata

Pathra Temple village unveiled

Distance from Kolkata: 128 km Driving Time: 4 hours Road Trip: 1 day Traversing through narrow, dusty trails along the mighty Kangsabati River and crossing dilapidated bridges, we were at the very edge of losing pat

101-200 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata

Narajole History in oblivion

Distance from Kolkata: 111 km Driving Time: 3 hours Road Trip: 1 day This is a tale of a royal dynasty in Paschim Medinipur, tucked away in oblivion ever since the abolition of the zaminadari system. Despite being s

101-200 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata

KURUMBERA FORT: Tucked away in oblivion

Distance from Kolkata: 163km Driving Time: 4 hours Road Trip: 1 day Just as the car took the final turn on the dusty trail, a brown stone wall suddenly emerged on the horizon, indicating our journey has come to an e

Above 300 km

Jaldapara National Park

Distance from Kolkata: 715 km Driving Time: 16 hours Road Trip: 5 day Team WHEELS has just returned after traversing 2000 km by road in a Renault Duster after exploring Jaldapara National Park, Cooch Behar, Rasik Bi

101-200 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata

Gangani Grand Canyon of Bengal

Distance from Kolkata: 182 km Driving time: 4 hours approximately Route: Gangani is located in West Midnapore near Garbeta. Though it is yet to acquire popularity as a tourist hangout, it is easily accessible.

1-100 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata

Kalna: Around the Terracotta Town

Distance from Kolkata: 93.7km Driving Time: 2 hours 30 minutes Road Trip: 1 day Kalna or Ambika Kalna – as it is more popularly called - is a historic town in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal. Although its ri

1-100 km

Mahishadal Rajbari: A touch of Royalty

The princely states and the zamindari system may have been abolished long back and the past glory too has faded by this time. Yet, gorgeous palaces still stand tall, silent witnesses to past tales of grandeur. Team WHEEL

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