1-100 km

1-100 km

Baganbati Chakdighi

Distance from Kolkata: 83 km Driving Time: 2 hours Road Trip: 1 day Baganbati at Chakdighi, a grand property with sprawling premises and a rich heritage, was out of bounds all these years.  It has recently been ope

1-100 km

Rashbari Garden House

Distance from Kolkata: 4.6 km Driving Time: 15 Mins Road Trip: 1 days Winter in Kolkata is a beautiful affair. It is an exciting blend of chilly winds, biting cold, occasional rains and balmy sunbathing – all of w

1-100 km

Amadpur: A Sanctum of Bengal’s Rich Heritage

Distance from Kolkata: 96 km Driving Time: 2 hrs Road Trip: 1-2 days The word ‘heritage’ has a deep connotation intercalating history, culture and everything in between. There’s a sense of grandiloquence; a rh

1-100 km

Itachuna Rajbari: A taste of royalty

Distance from Kolkata: 84.4 km approx Driving Time: 2 hours  Road Trip: 1 day Khoka ghumolo para jurolo Bargi elo deshe Bulbulite dhan kheyeche Khajna debo kishe? Route: Set your trip meter to ‘0’ at

1-100 km

Joynagar: The Land of Moa

Distance from Kolkata: 47 km approx Driving Time: 2 hours  Road Trip: 1 day Every winter brings with itself a heightened sense of sugar rush for the people of Bengal. The air is filled with the sweet fragrance of

1-100 km Drive Destinations from Kolkata

Kalna: Around the Terracotta Town

Distance from Kolkata: 93.7km Driving Time: 2 hours 30 minutes Road Trip: 1 day Kalna or Ambika Kalna – as it is more popularly called - is a historic town in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal. Although its ri

1-100 km

Mahishadal Rajbari: A touch of Royalty

The princely states and the zamindari system may have been abolished long back and the past glory too has faded by this time. Yet, gorgeous palaces still stand tall, silent witnesses to past tales of grandeur. Team WHEEL

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