Hanging of Nanda Kumar

While travelling from Hastings towards Kidderpore Bridge, one comes across a traffic island on St Georges Gate Road. Unkempt, encroached upon, the only sign of its importance is the fresh coat of blue paint that the circ


Bhola Moira & ‘Babu’ Calcutta

Most of us are familiar with the celebrated kabiyal, Bhola Moira only through the various romanticised presentations on screen. Two of the films, Anthony Firingi and Bhola Moira even featured the star of silver screen, U


A Doctor Of All Maladies

Every year we celebrate National Doctor's Day on July 1, in memory of our second Chief Minister, Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy who was also a physician par excellence. The visionary, aptly hailed as the Maker of Modern West Beng


Nabab Wajid Ali Shah: The Legacy Lives on

When filmmaker Satyajit Ray was shooting his period film "Shatranj ke Khiladi" set against the backdrop of the British annexation of Awadh (Oudh), he had asked the great grandson of the deposed Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, “W


Rani Rasmoni: Queen of Hearts

In 19th Century, the issue of widow remarriage had raised the hackles of the Hindu society. But its advocators had another concern. Are those willing to marry widows a sincere lot? A worried Vidyasagar voiced his concern

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