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Middleton Street: Bustling with life

History The nomenclature of Middleton Street, running from Chowringhee Road and ending on Camac Street, has left historians and chroniclers of Kolkata puzzled. The city's bare footed historian, P T Nair claimed that


Elliot Road: Reminiscent of a Colonial Man

Calcutta's early history is intimately related to the British East India Company and those who served here. Hence it is a matter of little surprise that many of the thoroughfares, connecting streets and lanes were named


Harish Mukherjee Road: Remembering a Scribe

Harish Mukherjee Road stretches from Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road (formerly Lower Circular Road) in the north to Hazra Road in the south. The original name of Harish Mukherjee Road (the stretch between AJC Bose Roa


Hardware Bazaar at Chandni Chowk

Harrods, the famous upmarket departmental store in London once boasted that they sell everything from “pin to elephant,” but the more humble Chandni Chowk Market at our own backyard can claim no less. In fact, only a


Chhagalpatti: City’s Goat Market

As you queue up every Sunday in front of the local mutton shop, have you ever consider where he gets the goat from? Or from where your favourite Biryani outlet sources its meat? Even those who oft en take that scarcely-l


South DhobiKhana: City’s Laundry Service

Beyond the posh neighbourhood of Maddox Square, a wooden board leads you to rows of washing blocks where numerous bare-chested washermen pound clothes, rinse and wring them and innumerable rows of clothes are spread out


Calcutta Unfurled India’s First Flag

Not many of us are aware that the very first unofficial flag of India was hoisted at Calcutta. At the height of the Swadeshi Movement launched in protest against Curzon’s decision to partition Bengal, a band of young r


Red Road: The Road Royale

1943: The participation of Japan in the Second World War and its advancement into South East Asia had created an atmosphere of fear and threat in Calcutta. The Japanese Air Force had repeatedly bombed the city spreading


Radha Bazaar Lane: Sands of Time

A giant wooden table where he used to keep all his belongings, always arranged meticulously; lots of tiny bottles of globules and potions, a white china clay jar with milky white powder inside, a stethoscope, prescriptio


Simlapara: Chequered Past

Simla or Shimulia was an ancient village, primarily inhabited by weavers and widely acclaimed for its fine cotton dhotis. It is one of the few neighbourhoods of old Calcutta which has retained its ancient name in the roa


Lal Dighi: Reflections of the Raj

Lal Dighi was once an old tank within the premises of zemindar's old cutcherry belonging to Sabarna Roy Choudhury family. The pool of water adjoining the temple of ‘Shyam Roy’ - the family deity of the zemindar, turn


Maidan: A People’s Park

Fondly termed as the 'lungs of Calcutta' Maidan, standing on no less than 1283 acres of vast open space, can lay claim to be in the same league as London's Hyde Park, New York's Central Park, Paris' Bois de Boulogne and


Chowringhee Road

The famous author David William Martin once remarked, “Nostalgic Londoners like to regard Piccadilly as the centre of the universe”. We Kolkatans are undoubtedly much more reserved in our acclaim, although the zest a

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