Garden Reach Flyover

The perennially-congested Garden Reach area can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The newly-constructed 4-lane flyover at Garden Reach has come as a boon to the people frequenting the Kolkata Port area. Bringing down the travelling time between Diamond Harbour Road and Garden Reach to a mere few minutes, the newly-constructed flyover has greatly benefitted unhindered movement of vehicular traffic in the south western part of the city.

It now takes only seven minutes to reach Garden Reach from Majerhat. The Kolkata Port area in Garden Reach used to remain severely clogged due to movement of multi-axle trailers and trucks with containers for handling and clearing activities which rendered the stretch from Taratala or Kidderpore a nightmare amongst motorists. To address this major issue, the Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority (KMDA) started work on the construction of the Garden Reach flyover on 28 May 2014. An estimated total of Rs339.92 crores was spent in the construction of the flyover which runs an approximate length of 4.4 km from Brooklyn Junction in Garden Reach Port area to Majerhat Station on Diamond Harbour Road. The project was sanctioned under the JNNURM, Government of India but due to termination of the JNNURM it was executed under the State fund. The construction was executed by Larsen and Toubro.

The flyover is strategically located in the most important port area of the state and promises to contribute immensely in the facilitation of business activities in West Bengal. It will also lead to smooth and seamless transportation of cargo to and from the Kolkata Port area. The traders in this locality are happy with the development and are looking forward to seeing their business grow.

During construction, the flyover faced major obstacles regarding alignment with the railway tracks. The project was held up for a pending technical clearance of a 25-metre stretch that runs over a portion of elevated rail tracks. Furthermore, 30 families and 20 shops had to be rehabilitated and properly compensated since the two-storey building that housed them had to be demolished for the flyover construction. A total of 130 families have been rehabilitated to facilitate the project.

The flyover runs from the Ramnagar crossing in Garden Reach area to Diamond Harbour Road near Majerhat.

Two ramps connect Diamond Harbour Road; one beside the Majerhat Station and the other on Remount Road near Kantapukur Morgue.

To access the Garden Reach flyover from Diamond Harbour Road, one has to take the service lane on left beside Majerhat Bridge and follow it to reach the underpass on right which connects the flyover. The access road to the flyover has not yet been widened due to ongoing Metro Rail work.

To descend towards Diamond Harbour Road, one may either opt for the flank that desends on Remount Road or the ramp beside Majerhat Station.

Project Highlights

  • The flyover is 4.4 km long with a dual carriageway width of 17.2 metres.
  • The average height of the flyover is 10 meters, but it rises 20 meters above ground at two places. One of these portions is where the flyover goes above the Circular Railway tracks.
  • Solid Slab technology was used in the curvature portion for building this flyover.
  • It has an integrated structure without any bearing.


LENGTH: 4.4 km
Travel time: 7 minutes
No. of Lanes: 2+2
Dual carriageway width: 17.2 mts

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