Hospital Cafeterias

With ‘health’ occupying centre stage in our lives, private hospitals are emerging as a vibrant force in India’s healthcare industry, lending it both national and international repute. Spending long hours in a hospital  can be harrowing without proper refreshment. It was encouraging to find that most of the private, super-specialty hospitals are well-equipped with decent cafeterias, if not actual elaborate food courts. So if you happen to be around these hospitals for some work, never let go of a chance to hop into these outlets to get your refuel.

Medica Superspecialty Hospital – Food Court
Pocket Pinch – Rs 10 to Rs 180
Medica is probably the only private hospital in the city with a sprawling food court outside the hospital building but within its premises. It flaunts the best-in-town outlets with a wide variety of menus to choose from. The most prominent one is the Malabar Café run by the Shettys, started with the idea of promoting healthy South Indian cuisine which would also include non-vegetarian options in deference to the city’s love for the same. But owing to public demand, they now serve a pan-Indian cuisine with a coastal touch. Their competitors are ‘Chai pe Charcha’ and ‘Vinegar’.

Malabar Café serves a variety of South Indian breakfast items such as masala dosa, ghee-roast dosa, egg dosa, uttapam and idli. They have replaced the less-popular idiappam, appam and puttu with aloo-paratha and pao-bhaji, which sells like hot cakes. In a hurry, one can even ask for a boiled egg or omelette. Vinegar also serves a wide variety of dosas and uttapam along with different types of grilled sandwiches, aloo-paratha and chana-batura.

In the lunch hours, you can satiate your hunger in the food court with a chicken /egg / fish / veg meal and even khichudi, which is finger-licking tasty and is sure to take your mind off the hospital blues. There is the all-time favourite Chinese food with soup, noodles / fried rice and a side dish such as chicken manchurian or chilly chicken. For foodies, the Malabar Paratha with chicken curry or mutton / chicken biryani are a must-try.

The evening snacks are no less enticing with crunchy lip-smacking vadas, chicken pakoras, samosas and fish fingers. Health freaks needn’t panic for there is a range of soups and sandwiches while teenagers can vouch for the chaats this food court has to offer.

Tea, coffee, cold coffee, iced tea and lassi are served from dedicated beverage counters run by the ‘Chaiwali’ and ‘the Tea Junction’. These joints tempt with their mouth-watering croissants, sandwiches and pastries. ‘The Tea Junction’ has delicate shakes, smoothies and iced teas, which are rejuvenating during the sultry summers. Honey Dew Shake / Mango Fizz / Blueberry Shake with Strawberry / Blueberry / Orange Boba or Watermelon Smoothie / Blueberry Iced Tea and Banana Caramel Shake with Tapioca Pearl are worth trying. There’s also a Fresh Fruit Juice centre for juices and snacks.

Coffee Day – AMRI, Mukundapur
Pocket Pinch – Rs 25 to Rs 65
The first floor cafeteria of AMRI, Mukundapur is a rather modest set-up with quality snacks and beverages available while you are queuing at the bill desk. This snack counter has a range of items from patties, burgers, rolls, cutlets and sandwiches to sweetmeats, cakes and pastries to indulge your sweet tooth. Relax with your cuppa and a cutlet at the lobby, or, if you are looking for a full meal, just zip around the corner to gorge at the lavish food court of Medica!

Sketch the Café – ApolloGleneagles
Pocket Pinch – Rs 20 to Rs 80
Though there’s a Café in the name, ‘Sketch the Café’ is more like a cake shop in the hospital premises.
This shop has a variety of snack and dessert items to choose from, just like any other popular cake shop. Some of their specialities are Afghani murg, chicken khabusz, chicken breadroll, masala bread and hariyali kabab along with the usual chicken / paneer sandwiches, patties and pakoras. Their strawberry / pineapple and chocolate pastries are yummy! A muffin or fruit cake goes well with your tea or coffee. To avoid crowding, they have come up with high, round tables in the storefront to help you grab your bite with ease and get going.

Restaurant-Restaurant – Peerless Hospital
Pocket Pinch – Rs 5 to Rs 150
A large nondescript place with a very old-school look and feel, Restaurant-Restaurant, located in the premises of Peerless, is a very popular eating joint catering to the palette of typical middle-class Bengalis. Chicken / egg roll, noodles and Mughlai Parathas are among the hot favourites. Try authentic Bengali meals such as rice, moong dal and aloo bhaja along with the Bengalis’ all-time favourite fish items made with rui, katla, aar, bhetki, charapona, bhola, pabda and even hilsa apart from egg / chicken / mutton curry. They also serve the pan-Indian comfort foods such as roti, paratha, aloor dum, chana masala and egg tarka.

Chef’s Bowl – Woodlands Hospital
Pocket Pinch –  Rs 40 to  Rs 110
A beautifully-decorated, cozy little cafeteria run by Chef’s Bowl on the ground floor of Woodlands is all set to draw your attention. This plush cafeteria has a lot to offer in terms of quality. From sandwiches, muffins and brownies to cakes and croissants, you are spoilt for choice. There is also a decent variety of soft drinks and beverages to choose from. Their freshly-prepared egg masala / paneer masala grilled sandwich along with a freshly-brewed coffee is a must-have. After a tiring day, you can even sit and relax with a Pinacolada or a masala nimbu pani or a palangtod paan before you are ready to move.

So, the next time you land up around these hospitals you needn’t make a long face. You know exactly how to cheer yourself up by indulging in some lip-smacking delicacies!

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