Lamborghini Gallardo India Serie Speciale LP550-2 A Limited Edition Raging Bull

Name: Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2
Variant: India Serie Speciale
Price: `3.50 crore
Engine Type: Petrol
No. of Cylinders: 10
Max. Power: 550 BHP
Max. Torque: 540 NM


Elite Car Club of Kolkata (ECCK) shares with us the first hand experiences of owners of exclusive cars of the city of joy. The owners are also members and admins of ECCK, based off Facebook and specialises in Supercars, Exotics and Premiums. Their aim is to provide the car enthusiasts of Kolkata a close insight into the fast and exclusive cars of the city. This issue of, ‘Kolkata on WHEELS’ features fellow ECCK member, Parveen Agarwal’s Lamborghini Gallardo India Serie Speciale LP550-2

Tell us about your car
The Lamborghini Gallardo India Serie Speciale LP550-2 is the latest addition to my stable. My car is powered by a V10 engine clocking 0-100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds. It is called the India Serie Speciale because it is a special limited edition car made by Lamborghini as a tribute to India on Lambo’s 50th anniversary. The India Serie Speciale edition has just 6 pieces in the world, 2 of them in each of the three colours of the tricolour. The shade on my car is called Arancio Borealis and the Tricolour Striping on the exterior compliment the India Serie Speciale badge. The interiors too have been given the tricolour touch with orange stitching on the black leather of the passenger seat, white stitching on the black leather of the dashboard and green stitching on the driver seat. The LP550-2 badge comes in as the car is producing 550 BHP and is Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) which makes it a monster to drive and handle.

What is the most special thing about your car?
It is a very unique Gallardo in India being one of the two special edition cars in this shade. It offers me a wonderful mix of both mad raw power of the V10 and the stunning looks. The RWD makes it really fun to drive and fishtailing the car is often fun. It is said that the RWD are for men and the 4WD are for the women. Gallardo LP550-2 is also the favourite of Lamborghini’s Chief Test Driver Valentino Balboni. My Gallardo is also the first brand new Lamborghini in Kolkata. The head turning colour of the car, the tricolour stripes on the outside and the tricolour stitching in the interior make this Gallardo very special for me too.

How often do you use it?
I make it a point to use my car 2-3 times a week. The bull is best to be driven during the early hours of the morning and the wee hours of the night when the roads are traffic free.

How is it living with a Supercar in Kolkata?
The Gallardo gets tremendous public attention everywhere, constantly turning heads and making the camera flashes go wild. In bumper to bumper traffic, a crowd gathers around the car which often becomes annoying with their continuous flow of questions. I specially hate it when people lean or touch the car while getting pictures of themselves clicked with the Bull. Once at Dankuni Toll Plaza someone tried to open the door of the vehicle to get inside and have a look at the Gallardo without my permission. While the public goes bonkers seeing the car, it is a treat to the enthusiast and the young children who have a passion for such automobiles. The best roads to drive the Gallardo and to experience the V10 completely are around the Maidan, near Victoria Memorial, the Red Road and the AJC Bose Road Flyover. Highway drives on NH-2 during early mornings is nirvana too.

At this budget, you have so many other options so why the Gallardo?
The Gallardo’s production is coming to an end 10 years after it started. Lamborghini has sold over 14,000 Gallardo’s and it is their most successful car till date. So, the Gallardo is now like a collector’s item and it was something which I would never be able to purchase brand new. Availability of the India Special Limited Edition was the icing on the cake; hence my mind was made up and I had to get it.

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