Misti Hub – Sweet Stopover

Newtown throws in another new offering to draw the attention of the people of Kolkata with the opening of Misti Hub. Eco Park, which has been a major success since its opening now has a dedicated consortium of all things sweet – thanks to an initiative taken by HIDCO, and is driving in customers looking to experience the sweeter offerings of Bengal. Located just beside Gate No. 3 of Eco Park, Misti Hub stands at a prime location of Newtown, gaining a large customer base from the recreational park, the local residents and an impressive number of fly-in customers.

“A fresh kilo of Mishti Doi or a packet of Nolen Gurer Sandesh has long been a traditional gift from Bengal to one’s friends and family outside the state. In Misti Hub, a beautiful choice is possible for a carry-on gift, being conveniently located on the way to the airport barely eight minutes away and with a parking bay,” says Debashis Sen, Chairman, HIDCO

Inaugurated on 5th July, Misti Hub is open daily from 12 noon to 9 pm, all days of the week. With 11 stalls in total, 10 from the city itself and 1 from each district of Bengal for 3 months, Misti Hub is sure to become a definite stop enroute the Airport. Major stalls include K.C. Das, Gupta Brothers, Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick, Bancharam, Ganguram, Naba Krishna Guin and Hindustan Sweets, among others. “This is a big step taken by the Government to promote business which has given us the opportunity to serve people who are miles away from our place. People can now enjoy sweets from the districts as well, all under one roof,” says Amit Koner, Misti Bangla stall-owner from Bardhaman.
“We Bengalis need a dessert at the end of every meal and it is very hard to find that here in Newtown. Misti Hub is a relief to us,” said Abheek Roy, a local resident.

A Definite Looker
The artistically done-up Misti Hub with its royal decor, horizontal pillars and aesthetic arched cast iron outer structure adds architectural brilliance to the façade. The huge glass windows, chandeliers hanging throughout and fine art designs on the floor gives the newly-built Misti Hub a post-Victorian touch. The view from outside will surely tempt someone to come in and experience what Misti Hub has to offer. Brightly-lit interiors and furniture with an antique touch is sure to make Misti Hub stand out from the rest. The sweet aroma of the delicious desserts adds to the seductiveness of the ambience.

All under one roof, Misti Hub has a range of traditional sweets and fusion sweets to entice more customers. With an open free parking and a new entry to the service lane through the divider for Misti Hub, the footfall is much more than was expected. The local residents of Newtown are now regulars here enjoying different varieties of sweets and satisfying their sweet cravings.

“The Banglar Misti Hub is unique. We are getting requests for home delivery and on-line order through courier and we are exploring the possibilities,” said Debashis Sen, Chairman of HIDCO.

Gupta Brothers, a famous sweetmeat maker from Chetla, has an outlet here in Misti Hub, which offers variety in fare to the customers and the offerings change on a regular basis. ‘Aabar Khabo’ and ‘Mango Sandwich Sandesh’ are a must-try.
The pricing at Misti Hub remains the same as in their shops in the city.
New in the scenario, Mishti Katha is offering a variety of traditional sweets with a fusion blend. From a five-year-old to someone in their 60’s, Misthi Katha has something for all. Their sweet curd is reputedly the most-loved preparation when it comes to sweets. ‘Gandharaj Doi’, a fusion, enhances the appeal of the curd for the customers. A ‘Gandharaj Leaf’ on top and bits of it in the curd gives it an unexpected novelty of taste.

One from the District
One of the stalls here in Misti Hub is from the district and it changes every 3 months. Sitting here in Kolkata one can enjoy sweets from Bardhaman, Krishnanagar and other places famous for their sweets. Misti Bangla endows an authentic taste of Bardhaman in their ‘Sita Bhog’ and ‘Mihidana’ fried in pure ghee. “Earlier we had to travel a few kilometres to get sweets, and now we have sweets not only from Kolkata but also from the districts,” says Maidul Ali, a local resident.

Yes, we love the word ‘fusion’ and anything related to it – such as, music, food or sweets. Misti Hub is a great place to indulge in the fusion of different sweets. The Rosogolla Roast is delectably different from Baked Rosogalla. Mishti Katha has a new fusion which has 4 small pieces of rosogollas with ‘makha sandesh’ on top. “Kids these days run away from sweets, so to grab their attention and give them the sweet they want, we have a new fusion. Pineapple / Chocolate / Strawberry Boat, which has mousse (pineapple / chocolate / strawberry) as the base and 4 ‘chhanar sandesh’ balls on top. This is a huge hit among the kids,” says Lipi Roy of Mishti Katha.

Misti Hub, Gate No. 3, Eco Park,
Biswa Bangla Sarani, Newtown
Timings: 12 pm – 9 pm
Days Open: All days of the week
Parking: Free

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