Sampriti Flyover – The Batanagar-Jinjira Bazaar connector

Travelling to Batanagar, Maheshtala, Nangi and Budge Budge from the main city used to be a nightmare. But, rejoice – the pain is over. Inaugurated on 11 January 2019, the Sampriti Flyover is no less than a new year’s gift for the city motorists.

Notably, Sampriti Flyover is the longest flyover in Kolkata and the first in the city to be built in Public-Private Partnership (PPP) mode. The total length of the flyover is 6.84 km with two lanes of 7.5 metres width. The total cost of construction was Rs 248 crore, out of which, the government contribution was Rs 86.80 crore and the remaining Rs 161.2 crore was borne by BBT Elevated Road Private Limited – the builders of Calcutta Riverside – a residential complex by the River Hooghly at Batanagar.

Sampriti Flyover
Length – 6.85 km
Width – 7.5 metre
Lane width – 3.75 metre
Travel time – 8 min 30 sec

Speed limit – 50 km/hour
Motorbike entry restriction – 10 pm to 6 am

Longest Flyovers in Kolkata
Length – 4.5 km
Max Speed Limit – 60 km/hour

Garden Reach
Length – 4.4 km
Max Speed Limit – 60 km/hour

Length – 6.85 km
Max Speed Limit – 50 km/hour

The new Sampriti Flyover, which begins exactly 3 km away from Taratalla Crossing on Diamond Harbour Road, directly connects Jinjira Bazaar on Taratalla Road to the Batanagar Crossing.

To avail this new flyover from the main city, enter Taratalla Road from Diamond Harbour Road. Drive straight down Taratalla Road and cross the Brace Bridge followed by the Y-fork at Jinjira Bazaar Crossing. Take the left from the Y-fork going towards Budge Budge and proceed 458 metres to get on to the all-new Sampriti Flyover.

One must be mindful that there is no ramp on the entire stretch between Jinjira Bazaar and Batanagar Crossing. Thus, if one has to travel to an intermediary point between Jinjira Bazaar and Batanagar, one should not avail this flyover.

The commuters from Budge Budge, Maheshtala, Nangi, and Batanagar could heave a collective sigh of relief. By availing this flyover they can connect to Jinjira Bazaar in minutes, from where they can turn left towards Garden Reach and Metiaburj, or take right towards Hyde Road and Taratalla to enter the main city.

Congestions Bypassed
The Sampriti Flyover helps to avoid the heavy congestions around Dakghar, Mollar Gate, Chakmir, Chandan Nagar and Memanpur. Earlier, the travel time between Jinjira Bazaar and the Batanagar Crossing used to be 30-40 minutes, courtesy the traffic snarls at these intersections. This has been dramatically reduced to approximately 9-10 minutes with the construction of the Sampriti Flyover.

On the flipside, the road condition on the Budge Budge Trunk below the flyover continues to be deplorable.

Toll Tax
Initially, under the PPP model an agreement was signed between the state government and the project developers for recovering the cost of the project through the collection of toll tax from the flyover after its completion. But due to requests of the local residents who would commute through the flyover daily, toll tax for two and four wheelers had to be withdrawn by the toll concessioners. Thus, to honour the agreement, the state government decided to subsidise and reimburse the toll amount– that accrue against two and four wheelers. It has hence instructed the concessioners to calculate the exact number of vehicles passing through the flyover and the total toll amount that accrue against the toll tax that the concessioners tend to lose.

As a result of the aforesaid plan, although there is a toll tax plaza on the Sampriti Flyover, no toll tax is collected from two and four wheelers. However, a pre-printed toll ticket of `10 is issued to all motorists without any actual payment made against the same. The exercise is aimed to calculate the exact toll amount against the number of vehicles passing through the flyover that would later be reimbursed to the concessioners by the state government.

However, there is no subsidy for the commercial vehicles plying through Sampriti Flyover and they have to pay the requisite toll tax.

Team WHEELS recently drove on the flyover and reports that the flyover is a double lane – one up and one down flyover – separated by a centre line. The road surface on the flyover is appreciably smooth. However, there are a number of bends, cautioned by traffic signs. While driving, one has to be careful and drive within one’s own lane without crossing the centre-line.

The flyover being 7.5 metre wide – the Budge Budge-bound and Jinjira Bazaar-bound flanks can accommodate one car each. With lanes of 12 ft width approximately, it is safe for just two vehicles to pass. The motorists need to be extremely careful and abstain from overtaking to avoid hitting approaching vehicles from the opposite side that sometimes barge into their lane.

With the long-awaited flyover in place, the economic development in the Mahestala-Batanagar area can now be expected to accelerate along with facilitating housing projects like Batanagar Riverside Township, Eden City, Greenfield City and Purti.

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