Seven Wonders of the World at Eco-Park

A first of its kind in the city, Kolkatans can now get a glimpse of the Seven Wonders of the World at Eco-park in New Town Rajarhat. The idea to create replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World originally came from Chief Minister, Miss Mamata Banerjee who wanted to inspire travel enthusiasts. West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Developement Corporation (WBHIDCO), then turned the dreams into reality. “Eco-Park has always endeavoured to offer unique experiences to the visitors. It is based on the belief that the people of Bengal are fond of travelling and right here at New Town, one can get a taste of the world,” said Debashis Sen, Chairman of WBHIDCO.

Built on a total area of 3.5 acres, the replica of the seven wonders are indeed an awe-inspiring work of craftsmanship, reflecting hours of hardwork and eye for detail to match the perfection of the original structures. Rupchand Kundu, a celebrated artist from Kolkata and the lead architect of the project is in charge of supervision and execution.

The replica of Christ – the Redeemer installed on a pedestal reminds you of the iconic sculpture of Brazil; replica of the Easter Island’s Moai or silent stone figures are a monument to the seafaring skills and unique culture of ancient Polynesian people while the replica of the magnificient Taj Mahal is a reminder of abiding love. The replica of oval ampitheatre, the Colosseum of Rome, Italy, stands as evidence of the days of gladiator battles; that of Great Wall of China makes you wonder whether it might actually be seen from the moon; the replica of Jordan’s Petra is a celebration of the famous rock-cut architecture of the rose city and last but not the least, the replica of The Sphinx in Giza, Egypt, appears to be as grand as the original.

All the structures were made with fibre reinforced polymer fixed on RCC and steel frames and set up near the 4th gate of Eco-Park. Come October, the denizens of Kolkata will finally get to witness a glimpse of the very best – the Seven Wonders of the World.

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