Shake it up this summer

Summer is finally upon us and the sweltering heat can prove to be quite a buzzkill. But luckily for us, the ever-evolving culinary extravaganza of this city has taken a serious liking to dairy beverages. Coming in all shapes and sizes and topped with luscious treats, milkshakes are the de facto anecdote for your summer woes. In this issue of ‘Kolkata on WHEELS’, let us lead you to summertime goodness.

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Price Range: Rs 125 – 350

With eleven outlets in the city, Keventers has been serving a delectable range of shakes to the people of Kolkata for quite some time now. Established in 1925 by Swedish dairy entrepreneur Edward Keventers, the brand made a pan-India comeback in March 2014 selling thick, classic and fruity milkshakes packaged in trendy glass bottles. Priced between `125 for the 300 ml bottle and `350 for the 500 ml bottle, Keventers milkshakes are a fine blend of flavour and smoothness.

We started off our rendezvous with the flavours of Keventers with a Mint Oreo Crumble Shake. Categorised under the ‘Thick Shakes’ segment, Mint Oreo Crumble is made of milk, Oreo cookies, vanilla ice-cream and mint syrup that combines the freshness of mint with the luscious texture of Oreo cookies and ice-cream. The taste of crumbled cookies amidst the sludgy milkshake is exquisite and a guaranteed mood lifter!

Next up was the classic Butterscotch Shake that takes smoothness to a whole new level. Butterscotch in itself is a flavour loved by everyone and it gives the milkshake a subtle praline taste. Last but not the least was a fragrant fruity delight in the form of Exotic Strawberry that is made by blending ice-cream, toned milk and real strawberry puree. A treat for strawberry lovers, the Exotic Strawberry Milkshake is hands down the best pick from the ‘Fruity Shakes’ section.

“I visit Keventers often and I like their quality and how everything is so finely blended in their milkshakes. The flavours are delicious and I’d happily recommend it to everyone,” said Kasturi who ordered a Chocolate Oreo Milkshake.

Elgin  l  Tollygunge  l  Sector V Salt Lake
Price Range: Rs 120

This dainty little bakery off Elgin Road might only be 2.5 years old, but they serve some of the best thick milkshakes in the city. Taking decadence to a whole new level altogether, Velvetiine’s milkshakes are an ecstatic mash up of dessert and beverage. Blueberry Cheesecake Deconstructed Shake, one of the bestsellers on their menu, redefines indulgence. Made by blending condensed milk, vanilla ice-cream, half a blueberry cheesecake and topped with fresh whipped cream, blueberry sauce and the remaining half of the blueberry cheesecake, this is an ode to the dessert gods! Interestingly, Velvetiine understands that everyone doesn’t like milkshakes the same way and hence customers are given the license to customise their orders without any extra cost.

Chocolate being the unrivalled king of flavours, it is only natural that its sinful deliciousness be eulogised further. Enter Chocolate Blast Overload, a milkshake that will definitely make you go weak in your knees. It is made by blending condensed milk, ice-cream and half a truffle cake and topped with whipped chocolate cream, the other half of the truffle cake, chocolate chips and chocolate sauce. It’s rich. It’s thick. And chocolate indeed is a cure for the worst of your sorrows.

For coffee and brownie lovers, Velvetiine serves a delicious Mocha Brownie Shake that blends condensed milk, brownie and ice-cream and is topped with whipped cream, brownie pieces and coffee powder. It has a strong sweet and bitter kick to it. These milkshakes are a meal in their own right and will definitely give you a scrumptious fill.

Ballygunge  l  Alipore  l  Chowringhee  l  Sector V Salt Lake
Price Range: Rs 170 – 330

One of the most sought-after cafés of Kolkata, Paris Café is a Mecca for dessert and baked good lovers. The interiors and the furniture are straight off a Parisian wonderland and their delicious milkshakes are a work of art in themselves. From Nutella and Snickers to hot fudge and doughnuts, milkshakes at Paris Café are some of the best available in the city and are sure to make your summers a whole lot better!

Red Velvet is probably the most famous flavour in the world right now and it is only fair that its milkshake be equally tempting. The Red Velvet Milkshake served at Paris Café is an unparalleled Utopia with its handsome presentation and delectable taste. Served with a slice of Red Velvet cake on the mouth of the bottle and with a twisty straw that adds to its aesthetic appeal, this milkshake is immaculately blended to let you taste the magnificence of the flavour. We were next served the Doughnut Fudge Shake; thicker in comparison to the Red Velvet Shake and equally palatable. Served with half a doughnut adorning the mouth of the bottle, the hot fudge, milk and ice-cream blend in this shake is exquisite and compliments the doughnut well.

So if you feel the summer blazing down heavily on you, shake it up with a milkshake.

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