Spring Meet

With the winter season taking a delayed exit this year from Kolkata, there was a lingering chill in the air which made the festival of colours even more special. To make the most out of the pleasent weather and to welcome spring in all its grandeur, WHEELERS gathered at Raize The Bar on March 19 and had a gala time. It turned out to be a huge success witnessing attendance in large numbers and the new WHEELERS blended in perfectly with the seasoned ones. The venue was a huge hit among the younger crowd as well as the veterans. Some were ready to shake a leg on the dance floor to the foot tapping tunes set by the DJ while others were more busy chatting. The food was excellent too and the WHEELERS showed their appreciation by digging in to the extensive spread of the dinner buffet. The night was charming enough and a short spring shower bringing down the temperature substantially, was the perfect end to an entertaining evening. As the last of the WHEELERS took their leave, one could hear plans being made for the next drive tour in April despite warnings of a hot summer. But, the rising mercury is hardly known to dampen the spirit of WHEELERS.

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