Summer Meet

As the scorching summer heat gradually made way for pre monsoon showers, it was time for the Wheelers for their long awaited get-together. Invitations and reminders were sent out for an evening meet on 18 June at Calcutta Rowing Club.

The evening held promise of great excitement with cricket as India was pitched against Pakistan in the finals of Champions Trophy. Arrangements had been made for the screening of the match on a projector. With India batting second, adrenaline flowed as the Wheelers geared up to cheer for India.

But all came to a naught as India lost the game. Disheartened with the loss, WHEELERS turned to listening to the live music by Brian and his team over snacks and beverages instead. They discussed about next drive tours, planning ahead. Dinner was served and the evening tete-a-tete continued through the meal as the Wheelers soaked in the spirit of camaraderie. Rejuvenated after a refreshing evening, the Wheelers bade good bye with the promise they would meet again, soon.

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