This car has never bluffed me on the road

Mr. G. C. Dey has more sides to him than what meets the eye. A retired police officer, devoted follower of Lord Jagannath and a lover of exotic birds and dogs. In a candid conversation with Joydip Sur, he shares the story of his 1939 Morris 8.

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How did you develop an interest in vintage cars?

    1. I have been interested in vintage cars since I was a child. My father used to drive around in a 1934 Austin 10 in those days. He loved his car and took great care of it. His interest and love for cars brushed on to me. I was also greatly inspired by Field Marshal S.H.F.J. Manekshaw during my interaction with him at a vintage rally.

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How does your family react to your passion for vintage cars?

      1. My wife and children are extremely supportive. They too share my passion for vintage cars. I strongly believe that it is next to impossible to indulge in a passion for vintage cars without the support of your family.

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How did you acquire this car?

        1. This car was lying in dilapidated condition with Mrs. Pratima Debi. Initially she was not willing to sell this car but after months of persuasion I convinced her to sell this car to me at a princely sum of Rs. 3000.

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Who restored the car? How long did this process take?

          1. Krishna Chandra Kar and his son Ganesh Chandra Kar restored the car under my guidance and supervision. It was due to their dedicated effort and relentless hard work that we were able to restore the car to mint condition. The restoration process took around two years to complete.

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How do you maintain this car?

            1. The car is wiped with wet cloth once everyday. The different mechanical parts are cleaned periodically.

(6) How often do you drive the car?
I drive the car atleast once every week. Sometimes even more. I take the car out for drive at 4 a.m. in order to avoid any kind of accidental damage. I generally don’t take out my car during the monsoon.

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Where in Kolkata do you drive this car?

              1. I drive this car almost everywhere within the city. I have also driven this car to Raichak, Digha and Deoghar. This car has never bluffed me on the road.

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What awards and trophies has this car won?

                1. This car has won many awards in the past like the award for the Best Maintained Car built between 1936-39 and Best Restored Car built between 1936-39. I have also won the Fancy Dress awards for the best turnout of car, driver and passengers several times.

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How do people react when you take this car out for a drive?

                  1. I receive mixed reaction from the on-lookers. There are some who highly appreciate my taste and then there are those who wouldn’t waste a moment to pass ridiculous comments.

Technical Specifications: 1939 Morris 8

                  • 4 Cylinders
                  • Power: 8 Horse Power
                  • 6-Volt Battery
                  • All the electrical parts are of 6 Volts
                  • Distribution is fitted on the top which allows the car to function smoothly even in 4 feet deep water.
                  • The car was also referred to as ‘ Doctor’s Car’ because it could be driven inside the narrowest lanes of the city.

Box Item:
Renowned Bengali writer Shibram Chakraborty who is best known for his humorous stories for adolescents has written about Mr. Dey’s car in one of his work titled Gadai er gari.

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