Visit the Bheris of Kolkata

The East Kolkata Wetlands, considered to be the ‘kidneys’ of the city has been home to a number of bheris or fish ponds, supplying fish to our kitchens from time immemorial. Some of these are freshwater ponds, others brackish and along with Dhapa Square Mile and vegetable fields make up the Ramsar Site. However, now the bheris, lending that rural touch to our urban existence, have opened their doors to visitors as well. After the closure of Nalban near Nicco Park, other bheries like Captain Bheri on EM Bypass have turned into ideal settings for picnics or day outs. Explore the rich eco-system of the bheris and take a close look at the fisherfolk whose livelihood depends upon these fish ponds. It will perhaps be an experience of your lifetime, enjoying nature unadulterated so close to home.

Captain Bheri
How to reach: On way to Science City from Chingrighata on EM Bypass, Captain Bheri is on the left side just before the Metropolitan bus stop. The entrance is from the main thoroughfare.

Far from the madding crowd, Captain Bheri projects an ideal escape destination from the hustle-bustle of the city life and boasts of an array of flora and fauna. Greeted by terracotta horse figurines and enchanting mermaid, visitors are bound to be enticed by the tranquility of the settings. Numerous thatched decks outline the bheri where visitors can relax soothed by the gentle breeze. One of the prized attractions is the giant aquarium displaying a variety of colourful fishes. Quaint bamboo bridges on the smaller bheris add to the aesthetic appeal of the place. Boating facilities are also available for the visitors. The lush green, well maintained sprawling gardens of Captain Bheri offers to soothe your eyes and soul.


Location: EM Bypass near Chingrighata

Contact: Ajoy Chakraborty –  Cell: 9830557721
Timing: 9 am to 5 pm
Daily tickets: Rs 25 per head /Senior Citizens- Rs 15 per head
Booking Procedure: On spot booking or from SFDC (Bikas Bhavan)
Picnic booking: Per picnic spot – Rs 5000

Snacks counter available. Cooking is allowed inside the premise
Parking Fee: Four wheelers – Rs 25, Two wheelers – Rs 10

Consumption of intoxicating substance is prohibited
Touching of aquariums and bird cages is prohibited
Angling: Not allowed
Boating: Rs 100/ hour


Nuner Bheri
How to reach: While driving towards Science City from Chingrighata, turn left from the traffic signal at Metropolitan bus stop opposite Bypass Dhaba. Drive through the narrow road to reach Nuner Bheri which would be on your left.

Once you are inside Nuner Bheri you would feel you are miles away from the concrete city. Surrounded by thick vegetation all around, it turns out to be a perfect way to assuage your nerves jangled by the daily grind of urban life. There is a children’s park which boasts of see-saws, swings, and slides. Visitors may go round the bheri in paddle boats which accommodate four people at a time. Adjacent to the bheri, there are vast stretches of farmland, growing leafy greens. Nuner Bheri is also an ideal place for bird watchers as it is home to a different species of birds chirping away merrily, despite the close proximity of the city. The bheri has some twelve spots but most of them are out of bounds for visitors during off seasons. The ideal time is during the evenings when you are greeted by chirping birds, eager to return to their homes

Location: Canal South Road, near Dhapa

Contact: Dilip – Cell: 9836109713
Timing: 8 am to 5 pm
Booking Procedure: On spot
Picnic spot booking: Rs 4000 – Rs 6000 depending upon the choice of the spot and the season
Food Arrangement: Cooking is allowed inside the premise along with facilities which may be hired on rent
Parking Fee: Free
Restrictions: Nothing as such
Angling: Not allowed
Boating: Rs 100 per half hour for 4 persons


Sukantanagar Samity Bheri
How to reach: Driving from Nicco Park to Chingrihata, turn left from Sukantanagar bus stop, just before reaching Nabajyoti Sporting Club. Then drive straight to reach Sukantanagar Samity Bheri.

Located in the vicinity of Sector V, Sukantanagar Samity Bheri has the high rises of Sector V as the backdrop to its skyline and immediately reminds one of foreign shores. The bheri has strips of land separating the water bodies. On special request, visitors can take a tour across the bheri in small boats rowed by the fishermen. An ideal location for nature lovers and bird watchers, the illuminated skyscrapers of Sector V add to the sight during evenings. Sukantanagar Samity Bheri promises a cozy weekend destination for people who  wish to spend time in the lap of nature.

Location: Sukantanagar, near Chingrighata

Contact: Pintu – Cell: 9748729822
Timing: 6 am to 5 pm
Booking Procedure: On spot booking
Picnic booking: 7 spots available between  Rs 1000 –  Rs 1500
Food Arrangement: Cooking is allowed inside the premise
Parking Fee: Free
Restrictions: Nothing as such
Angling: Not allowed
Boating: Rs 100 hour

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