Wheel War III

the city magazine dedicated to the motorists of Kolkata- organized the “JK Tyre Wheel War III”- a pulsating drag race for 4-wheelers at Rajarhat’s Action Area III. The event which took place on June 1 and 16 was conducted with technical assistance from BengalMotor Sports Club (BMSC) and held under the guidance of Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI).With JK Tyre & Industries Ltd as the Title Sponsor and Volkswagen as the Motoring Partner, the motorsportevent could be held only with the help and cooperation extended by West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd (HIDCO) and New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA).
The drag race “JK Tyre Wheel War III” had 72 participants to go flat out on a stretch of400 metres – pitted against each other – two at a time. The first among the two competitors to cross the finish line was the winner. It was a sheer battle of man and machine with the engines at their fullest throttle.
A lively crowd that had gathered to see the spectacle was hushed into silence when dream machines like Porsche, BMW, Audi and Mercedes dragged against each other over the 400 – metre tracks.Everyone, including the motoring enthusiasts who had come to cheer the beastly engines and the locals,were enthralled and left agape by the terrific show of the might of cars.
There are audio tricks as well. Anyone talking inside the column’s entrance can be clearly heard at the top of the stairwell so many metres above. Near the top, the stairs become ultra-narrow, which increases the urgency of the inevitable anticipation. Then, like the burst of freedom at the top of all such vertical tunnels, light, high Maidan ionosphere (it seems), and altered realities present themselves, proving that we have arrived at a castle in the air.”
After the event, all the participants and the organizers were in for a treatat Agora – The Club, at Axis Mall, the hospitality partner, to let their hair down for a cocktail and dinner party.

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