It was that time of the year when Wheelers gather for their annual meet to review the activities of the past year and draw up plans for the year ahead. This time, the Fourth Annual WHEELERS Meet was organised at Park Plaza, Ballygunge. The meeting started with the induction of 70 new members in the forum. The address by Devarshi Roy Choudhury of the famed Sabarna  Roy Choudhury family that once owned Kolkata was truly the highlight of the day. He regaled the audience with a lively address on pre-Charnock Kolkata.

Secretary, Sandeep Sardar addressed the Wheelers and took them on a journey down the memory lane, revisiting each of the 11 Wheeling events that took place in the past 12 months. Editor Souvik Ghosh presented the schedule of events for the upcoming year with members chipping in with suggestions. The sub-committee reports were also presented by the respective chairpersons.

The felicitation programme saw members cheering friends and acquaintances. One of the awards introduced this time was the longest road trip undertaken by any WHEELER during the past year. Wheeler Sudipto Das won the trophy, hands down, as he had covered 6,200 km. Next was ‘Kolkata Canvas’, a photography contest with Anjan Sarkar, Subhasis Mukherjee and Ritwik Dey bagging the first, second and third prizes respectively. The appreciation of more than a hundred WHEELERS made them feel proud of their work.

The prestigious WHEELERS mantle was passed on from the 150th WHEELER Sreeparna Ghosal to the 220th Wheeler GN Roy. Wheeler Prabal Kumar Dey was pleasantly surprised by the announcement that he was chosen for the award for Life WHEELER of the year. His awestruck face was a testimony to the selfless rendition of his services at every event of the WHEELERS Forum. The house appreciated the inclusion of Wheeler Krishnendu Basu into the core Team Wheels because of his active participation, support and yearlong performances in different wheeling events.

The meeting concluded with an interactive session between Team WHEELS and WHEELERS which saw interesting exchange of ideas over beverage, snacks and lunch.

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