WHEELS Festive Meet

The nip is in the air and so is the festive spirit. Time for some heart-warming sessions for Wheelers over Darjeeling tea and snacks followed by dinner by the tea garden. And before you wonder whether Wheelers took a trip north, let us assure you that the Wheelers were very much in the city and met on 19th November at Yule Tea Lounge in Eco Tourism Park. Apart from offering steaming cups of tea, the park had something for everyone – the children had their fair share of cycling and the older ones took selfies by the toy train in the dummy ‘Ghoom’ station to their hearts’ content. It was indeed a nice late evening gathering.

The Yule Tea Lounge has turned out to be a wonderful attraction in Eco Tourism Park with an actual tea garden. Victor Ambett and his team played Western Classical notes enthralling the audience with live music which very much complemented the mood of the evening.

The tea tasting session allowed Wheelers to taste different kinds of tea which turned out to be a nice experience. And in the middle of enjoying every bit of the evening, snacks and dinner were served. At the end it turned out to be a delightful gathering, holding promises of many more in near future.

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