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Kolkata on WHEELS is a one-point solution for all city lovers and motoring enthusiasts of Kolkata. The magazine with its extensive information on driving fundamentals has been overtly appreciated by the motoring fraternity across the globe. Equally engaging is its passion for the ‘city of joy’ in bringing out the beauty that Kolkata is.


At Kolkata on WHEELS, we aim at bringing Kolkata lovers and motoring aficionados, under one roof by keeping them posted on the latest from the motoring world and laying out before them the hidden gems of the city.


Guide India Publication, a Kolkata-based publishing house formed in 1996, rode high on the success of best-sellers like the Car & Driving Handbook and Dressing & Etiquette Handbook. The house launched Kolkata on WHEELS in October 2008, a magazine exclusively for the car-owning denizens of Kolkata. Its immense popularity amongst the car owners is instrumental in carrying out the journey successfully last so many years.


Kolkata on WHEELS goes DIGITAL! After 13 years of successful operation as a print medium, Kolkata on WHEELS has chosen to explore the unexplored, driving into the digital world. The move evolves from the readers’ Desk to Desktop, from Lap to Laptop, from the Post office to the Mobile post!

The magazine will now be available both in HTML and PDF formats at www.kolkataonwheels.com. Added features of the website include a digital library indexing all published issues of the magazine with the matching mantra: ‘Easy to Find, Read, Download.’


The interaction of Kolkata on WHEELS with its passionate car-owning readers goes beyond the magazine format. The house promotes motoring through its expanding Wheelers community, monthly drive tours, meets, and fellowships.

We invite you to step into the exhilarating new digitized interiors. When Branson and Bezos are pushing boundaries in space, let’s make sure the Wheelers of Kolkata stay tuned in on the ground!

Buckle up to join the crusade.


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